Cinnamon is the essence of Christmas and the key ingredient in a multitude of festive treats. No mulled wine, boozy hot chocolate or Christmas biscuit is complete without a sprinkle of warming, aromatic cinnamon. It is one of the earliest traded spices and, in the ancient world, it was considered as valuable as ivory or gold and was often offered up as a gift to monarchs and gods.


Clear Quartz for a New Year and a New Beginning – Dispelling negativity and promoting patience, clear quartz is the perfect partner for our cinnamon candle. The spice represents the enjoyment of Christmas and the celebration of all that is good in life and the quartz encourages positive changes that can make things even better in the year ahead.


  • Hand poured 250ml round tin with lid
  • 175 grams of pure soy wax
  • 35 hour burn

Cinnamon Candle Tin

  • To maximise your enjoyment of your candle, we advise that the first burn is for at least two hours. This will create a large burn pool and avoid the candle tunnelling. Always trim wick after each burn when cool.

  • All of our glass jar candles are now made with wooden wicks.