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If you sometimes struggle to get to sleep, our Lavender and Amethyst Pillow Spray could be just what you need. Spray a small amount on your pillow and around your room before you go to bed and allow the calming and balancing properties of lavender to alleviate any feelings of anxiety and stress and encourage restful sleep. Lavender is a wonderfully sunny fragrance that evokes happy memories made on warm summer days. What better way to encourage wonderful dreams?


Amethyst for Dispelling Negative Emotions  - We have combined the calming and relaxing properties of lavender with amethyst crystals to create a powerful sleep-loving team. Believed to be a natural tranquiliser, amethyst is understood to relieve stresses and strains, balance mood swings and dispels anger and fear. 


  • 100ml of fragrance
  • Presented in a clear glass spray bottle

Amethyst & Lavender Pillow Spray & Room Fragrance

    • Allow spray to dry on the pillow before getting into bed to avoid product getting into the eyes.
    • Spray at arm’s length from pillow to avoid fabric staining.
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