There is a definite decadence to black cherry. It is the fruity note of a favourite liqueur, the sticky sweet heart of homemade jam and the signature ingredient in an indulgent Black Forest gateau. If it were a fabric it would be velvet. If it were a time of the week it would be the heady expectation that comes with a Friday evening.


Hematite and the lustre of ripe, glossy cherries – Our black cherry candle is decorated with a beautifully glossy piece of hematite, which has the same lustre as a perfectly ripe cherry. Hematite is the ideal foil for the heady richness of the colour and scent of this candle, as it is renowned for it grounding and re-balancing properties.

Black Cherry Candle Tin

  • To get the best experience from your Littlemore candle, please follow our candle care advice:

    • Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, avoid drafts and never leave unattended.⠀
    • On the first burn, allow a longer burn and a full melt pool to form. This will avoid tunneling and create an even burn.⠀
    • Trim your wick before re-lighting your candle. This can be done using a wick trimmer or a simple snip with your fingers. 
    • When your candle is finished (when there is roughly 1cm wax left) simply fill with warm water and wash away remaining wax. ⠀
    • Our jars can be upcycled into a variety of things: pencil pots, drinking glass, makeup jars and more.