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Understanding Littlemore Candle Company and its close affiliation with spirituality through incorporating crystals across our product ranges, we’ve sourced a variety of beautiful mala bead necklaces from India. A Littlemore than just a beautiful adornment, malas are powerful tools for bringing calming energies into our day to day lives, meditation and yoga practice. A growing trend, malas are strands of 108 beads plus a “guru” bead and are traditionally used solely for meditation and prayer.  Incorporating different crystals and their healing energies into the malas, allows different symbolic meanings to be infused into our meditation practice as well as throughout our daily lives when worn.


Available with healing stones or rudruska seeds, seeds produced by several large evergreens, our malas also include the 7 chakras making for powerful tools for meditation as well as beautiful pieces of jewellery.


Amazonite: (out of stock) the soothing stone. To calm the body and mind.

Tigers Eye: Aids harmony and balance releasing fear and anxiety.

Mother of Pearl: A protective stone. Aids relaxation and relieves stress.

Howlite: Strengthens memory and encourages emotional expression.

Jasper: Promotes feelings of peace and increases self-worth.

Chakra Stone Malas

  • All include Indian silk bags made with saris.

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