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Our citrus crystal wax melts are individually handmade using 100% soy wax, foraged botanicals and miniature healing crystals. Available in boxes of 6 with the option of mixed, floral or citrus fragrances replicating our candle ranges. Each melt will provide a fragrance for up to 12 hours so our boxes truly are excellent value


Please note: our glass melters (although beautiful) are fragile and extra care should be taken when handling this product

Citrus Wax Melts

    • Place your wax melt onto the top of your burner. 
    • Light an unfragranced tealight and place it in the bottom of your burner. 
    • The heat will begin to melt your wax and fragrance will consequently be released into the room.
    • When you are finished using your wax melt simply blow out the tealight (we recommend using a wick snuffer for safety) and you can allow the wax to harden before using again.
    • Once your wax starts to lose its scent,simply remove and replace with fresh wax melt.
    • Start burning your wax melt, give it a minute or so, it should then slide out.
    • Before allowing your wax to harden after burning, place a few cotton wool balls or some tissue in the top of your burner and let them soak up your fragrance-less wax melt.
    • Pop your burner in the freezer for a few minutes, then your melt should shrink and slide out.
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