The invigorating fragrance of natural grapefruit will leave you feeling energised. Decorated with citrus rind, various botanicals and biodegradable glitter, it is also embedded with a rose quartz crystal which, complementing the rosy hues of pink grapefruit, aids good health, while fostering kindness and compassion.


The love and healing vibrations of the rose quartz help to replace toxic emotions and blockages that clog the heart chakra and replaces them with the energy of love.


• Hand poured
• 30cl glass jar with silver lid

• 200 grams of pure soy wax

• 40 hour burn
• Presented in a white box



  • To maximise your enjoyment of your candle, we advise that the first burn is for at least two hours. This will create a large burn pool and avoid the candle tunnelling. Always trim wick after each burn when cool.

  • All of our glass jar candles are now made with wooden wicks.