Discovered in Barbados in the 1700s, grapefruit is a hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo. A fresh, sunny and uplifting scent, grapefruit combines bitter, sour and sweet elements and is said to symbolise the successful independence from something or someone.


Rose quartz for self-love – With grapefruit celebrating freedom from a negative influence, rose quartz is its natural partner, as it helps to over come feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. It is renowned to be the crystal of love but in combination with grapefruit’s particular connotations, this is primarily about learning to love oneself, rather than anyone else!


  • Hand poured
  • 250ml round tin with lid
  • 175 grams of pure soy wax
  • 35 hour burn

Grapefruit Candle Tin

  • To maximise your enjoyment of your candle, we advise that the first burn is for at least two hours. This will create a large burn pool and avoid the candle tunnelling. Always trim wick after each burn when cool.

  • All of our glass jar candles are now made with wooden wicks.