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Instantly refreshing and uplifting, lemongrass is believed to have cleansing and purifying properties and can be used to help dispel negativity. It has a rich heritage, having been used in cooking and herbal remedies for centuries, and is one of LCC founder Molly’s favourite fragrances.  Our lemongrass diffuser allows you to fill your home or office space with this energising scent for up to 4 months.


Lemon Agate for Self-Confidence – Our lemongrass diffuser is decorated with a beautiful piece of lemon agate. If lemongrass cleanses and helps you to move on from negativity, then lemon agate helps you to move forward with courage and confidence, ready to bring happiness and prosperity into your life.

  • 100ml of fragrance
  • Effective for 3-4 months
  • Comes in presentation box

Lemongrass Diffuser

    • Turn reeds once a week to refresh the fragrance.
    • When turning the reeds, ensure that any stray drops are wiped up immediately.
    • Place on a coaster or glass surface to avoid damage to porous surfaces.
    • In confined spaces, such as bathrooms, using fewer reeds will make the diffuser last longer and prevent the fragrance from becoming over powering.
    • Placing the diffuser near airflow (such as an open window or vent) will encourage the scent to travel further into the room, but will also mean that the fragrance evaporates more quickly and you will need a new one sooner!
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