In Chinese and Japanese cultures, oranges symbolise new beginnings. Given the colour and shape of an orange, it is also hardly surprising that they are sometimes used to represent the sun.  The sunny, uplifting fragrance of sweet orange is the perfect celebration of a fresh start, of the sun rising on a new venture or the beginning of a new chapter.


Citrine for courage, light and positivity – when setting off on any journey, excitement can be tempered with apprehension. Our orange candle is decorated with citrine, which is often called ‘the light maker’ for its capacity to emanate joy and positivity. It challenges fear of the unknown with its vibrant energy and optimism, like a fellow traveller who is undaunted by anything that crosses your path.


  • Hand poured
  • 250ml round tin with lid
  • 175 grams of pure soy wax
  • 35 hour burn

Orange Candle Tin

  • To maximise your enjoyment of your candle, we advise that the first burn is for at least two hours. This will create a large burn pool and avoid the candle tunnelling. Always trim wick after each burn when cool.

  • All of our glass jar candles are now made with wooden wicks.