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Purchase our monthly subscription box and discover our range of candles, diffusers and room sprays. Handcrafted in rural Oxfordshire, our range of diffusers and soy wax candles is expertly blended and thoughtfully decorated. Our hampers make ideal gifts, with each month featuring a different choice of seasonal products.


Our monthly subscription boxes contain:

  • 1 x Jar Candle
  • 1 x Product (chosen from a different product range)
  • 3 x Tealights


We work hard to ensure that the creation and distribution of our products is as eco-friendly as possible. Please reuse or recycle our packaging.

Subscription Box - Monthly Box

Price Options
Subscription Box
£40.00every month until canceled
  • To get the best experience from your Littlemore candle, please follow our candle care advice:

    • Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, avoid drafts and never leave unattended.⠀
    • On the first burn, allow a longer burn and a full melt pool to form. This will avoid tunneling and create an even burn.⠀
    • Trim your wick before re-lighting your candle. This can be done using a wick trimmer or a simple snip with your fingers. 
    • When your candle is finished (when there is roughly 1cm wax left) simply fill with warm water and wash away remaining wax. ⠀
    • Our jars can be upcycled into a variety of things: pencil pots, drinking glass, makeup jars and more.
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